Tracy McGrady adidas T-Mac 1 Joy Blue


Tracy McGrady was one of the most popular NBA players of all time. adidas recently released the T-Mac 1 "Joy Blue" basketball shoes for Tracy McGrady. The adidas "Joy Blue" T-Mac 1 sneakers take us back to the prime of Tracy McGrady's NBA career. The "Joy Blue" on the upper is covered by a … [Read more...]

Derrick Rose adidas adizero 1.5

adidas adizero 1.5 Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose is the NBA MVP.  Derrick Rose wears the adidas adizero 1.5 sneakers.  Here are some pics of the basketball shoes that retail for $99 at  The adidas adizero 1.5 sneakers have an innovative one-piece external heel counter and torsion plate chassis with added carbon … [Read more...]